Exercise for Pain, PMS, & “Cycle Syncing”

Exercise and what is being referred to as “cycle syncing” has become increasingly popular and it is something women have asked me about before. Women want to know what is the best exercise to do based on the phases of their menstrual cycle or for their specific conditions like pain or PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome). AsContinue reading “Exercise for Pain, PMS, & “Cycle Syncing””

The health tracking tool every woman should be using…

What is the one tool that every woman of reproductive age should use to monitor her overall health? Hint… it’s not an electronic device. It’s tracking hormonal bio-markers with what we call Fertility Awareness Methods – or tracking your cycle. But wait. Don’t stop reading just because you saw the word ‘fertility’ and said toContinue reading “The health tracking tool every woman should be using…”

The Birth of Unknotted

Many of us look for healing throughout our lives. It could be physical, mental, or spiritual healing we seek. Often times, as I have found, these are all connected. The food we feed our bodies does not just affect us physically. Our mental and spiritual health are also impacted. And what we feed our soulsContinue reading “The Birth of Unknotted”


Hi! Welcome to my site! My name is Rebecca and I am a Fertility Educator practitioner and Health Coach – which basically means I do a lot in women’s health. My own struggle with acne and hormonal irregularities is what led me to this area of work. When I first decided to come off theContinue reading “Welcome!”